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The mission is simple: Find happiness through health!


Mike George Fitness System

Access our team of personal trainers, corrective exercise specialists, rehabilitation therapists, myo-fascial release professionals, Chinese medicine experts and medical doctors, for one price.

We eliminate the normal divide between practitioners offering you continuing and integrated care, delivering better results in less time. 

Integrated and flexible: You choose which services you use based on what your body & mind needs. For example:

  • Workout with a personal trainer when you feel great or see a corrective exercise specialist to improve your ability to move safely.

  • Visit the doctor for a well visit, when you have an injury or the sniffles (well visits limited to every eight weeks)

  • See the Chinese medicine expert for acupuncture, cupping, scraping or herbal remedies for regular maintenance, when you're in pain or just need a break. 

  • See a rehabilitation therapist to treat an injury or chronic pain using our blended therapy approach recommended by Dr. Morgenstern. 

  • See the Nutritionist when you are ready to improve your diet, lose weight or learn to eat properly for a medical condition.