The training mask is not the only item that can be used to help train your Arrow.

You can also add a special light source that can illuminate the path, the training mask, or both. 

The training mask can be placed on the trainer, or it can be put on the training arrow.

You must be at least a certain level to equip the training ring with the training light source, however.

You cannot equip a training mask on your training arrow while training your Arrow, but you can wear it while wearing a training ring on the Training Arrow.

You can use the training hat or training gloves to make the training arrows easier to control.

The training hat is the lightest and most durable training hat available, and it also doubles as a light source for the training circle.

The light source on the hat can illuminate your training circle, and you can use it as a training circle marker, too.

You must be a level 9 to equip your training mask with the light source.

You also must be level 10 to equip a light ring on your Training Arrow, and training gloves are only usable by level 10.

You do not need to be a training level to wear the training rings, though.

You simply need to have at least level 10 on your character.

Training Rings are an accessory to use on the ring.

Training Gloves are an optional piece of equipment that you can equip to the training headband.

Training Ring A training ring is a light item that you equip to your training headgear.

You equip the ring to make training more easy.

The ring has a light level indicator that you may see when you equip the light ring.

You don’t need to equip it to make a training arrow or training ring.

It is used for the light level.

You may equip up to 3 rings on a single training arrow, and up to 6 rings on each training ring if you equip a ring with at least one training ring slot.

You do not have to equip training rings on your arrows while training.

Training rings can be equipped on training arrows and training rings that you are not currently wearing, but the rings will not have any light level indicators.

You need only equip training ring slots to use the light rings.

You have a max of 2 light rings and a max total of 6 light rings on an Arrow, Training Arrow or Training Ring.

Training Ring Slot 1 A light ring slot can be purchased from a vendor.

You use the slot to equip two light rings at the same time.

The rings are light level level 1 and level 2, respectively.

Training ring slots cannot be equipped simultaneously.

Training Arrow A standard training arrow is equipped on your Arrow when you begin a training session.

It has a level 1 light level and a level 2 light level, and can be worn as a normal light ring and as a dark ring. 

Training Arrow Slot 2 A normal training arrow has a dark level indicator and a light levels, respectively, as well as a speed indicator and an area indicator.

Training arrow slots cannot have more than 3 light levels and 1 light ring slots.

Training Arrows You can equip training arrows to help your Arrow fly faster.

The speed indicator on the arrow is the same as on normal training arrows.

You are limited to using only one arrow per training session, but each arrow has its own speed indicator, area indicator, and speed.

Training arrows that you do not equip are discarded.

Training Light Source A lighting source is an accessory that you attach to your Training Headband.

It provides light levels to the Training Headpiece.

You wear the light to make your training ring or training arrow easier to use.

Light Sources Training light sources provide light levels for your training rings and training arrows, but they do not increase the training speed of the training area.

Training light sources are used for lighting the training circles.

Training circles are lit with the Light Source, so the light levels are increased by one.

Training Light Source Slot 1A training light is an item that provides light level 1, 2, or 3.

The item does not provide any light levels.

Light sources do not appear in your Training Ring slot.

Training Lights are used to light training circles on the Arrow, Arrow Ring, and Training Ring rings, and to light Training Ring and Training Arrow rings on the Gloves and Training Gloves Ring.

Training Gloves A trainer’s gloves are an item you equip while you are training your arrow.

The gloves provide light level 3, light level 4, and light level 5 light levels that can only be equipped by level 8, 9, 10, and 11 characters.

Training gloves are a light accessory that can increase the light of the Training Gloves ring or Training Gloves arrows.

Training Rings A ring is the only light accessory for a training headpiece.

Training heads have two light levels: Light Level 1 and Light Level 2.

Training is only available on training rings.

Training ring slots can be selected using the Training Ring Item Slot.

Training and training ring equipment can only have