A new kit from the Makeup Train case has you and your team covered for the holidays.

The case is a collection of six accessories designed to fit all sorts of tasks including makeup, hair styling, makeup brushes, nail clippers, a makeup applicator and a makeup brush case.

While the kit doesn’t come with the accessories themselves, they will give you a whole lot more than you could ever want in one box.

You can customize the case to your liking and also add additional accessories and accessories cases to the mix.

You’ll also be able to add custom hair accessories, eye and cheek contouring brushes, lip gloss, mascara and other eye- and cheek-concealing products to the collection.

The kits also include an eye shadow and eyeliner kit, a mascara and eyelash palette, a cheek stain and eyelid liner kit, and a brush kit.

The kit comes in two sizes: a medium size for the average makeup user, and an extra large for the makeup enthusiast.

If you need to get creative, you can also add eye shadows and eyeliners to the case.

The Makeup train kit includes six accessories and six eye and eyebrow kits, all with their own brushes and applicators.

The eye kit is a small, round eye brush and applicator that you can use to create a natural look.

The eyeliner is a black pencil eyeliner brush that has been specially designed for this case.

This eye kit comes with four eye shadows: three for the outer corner, two for the inner corner and one for the corners of the eyes.

The other eye kits come in a range of sizes to accommodate your needs.

The brush kit is an applicator with a removable brush.

You use this brush to add a little extra sparkle to your makeup.

You will also find a pencil holder that you will use to use the brush on your face.

The makeup case comes with six different eye and brow kits.

The brushes come in sizes of 0.7mm, 1.0mm, 2.0 and 3.0 mm.

These brushes will add a bit of sparkle and depth to your look.

They come in the Make-up Train, Eye & Eyebrow and Face Kit sizes as well.

The face kits come with six eye masks: one for outer corner and two for inner corner.

The masks come in both clear and matte versions.

The Eye & Eye kit comes packaged with three eye shadows.

The eyebrow kit comes bundled with three different eyebrow brushes, two of which you can swap for different eyebrow styles.

There are also a number of accessories and makeup case cases included.

The accessories include eyeliner and cheek stain kits, lip liner, eyelash clipper and mascara.

The lipstick kit comes packed with six lip products and six eyeliner shades.

The collection also includes eyeliner brushes, eyeliner palette and eye makeup remover, and lip gloss and eye mask remover.

The product and kit ranges for the Make Up Train case come in three sizes: medium, large and extra large.

The medium size case comes in at a price of £55.00, while the large size case costs £65.00.

The extra large size costs £80.00 and the large case is £95.00; the latter price is in the UK and the latter is in Australia.

The large case also comes with a brush and a case holder.

The make-up train comes with three kits, the MakeUp Train, Make-Up & Eye, and Make-UP & Eyeliner kits.

These cases are available for $55.99.

The £55, £60 and £65 cases are now also available to pre-order on MakeupTrain.com.