The city you’ve lived in your entire life could soon have a new commuter service: money trains.

In the coming months, the City of Portland will begin testing a new train that can deliver tickets to and from the city’s commuter train station at Northeast Portland.

The train, which will run between 10 p.m. and midnight every day and cost $1,200, will be the citys first commuter service to be built using electric power and a new form of charging station, according to City Manager Jim Kuklick.

The City of Eugene also plans to test a similar system, which is expected to be ready for operation in 2018.

The trains will be available to ride in Portland and other cities, and the service will be free for all but those with insurance.

The trains will only go to specific areas within Portland.

“The City has made investments in transportation that have enabled us to attract and retain the most innovative and well-educated workforce in the world,” Kukklick said in a statement.

“Our city is known as a world-class destination for both residents and visitors, and these investments will help us deliver on that promise.”

The City is using the power of electric trains to connect its residents to the region’s most productive, diverse, and sustainable jobs.

The project is part of a $100 million investment the city has made in the region, which Kuklanick said is the largest ever for the region.

The new train, dubbed the CityLink, will connect Portland to Eugene and to the rest of Oregon by running on an electric power grid.

The city is paying for the system’s design with $150 million in funding from the state.

“We are going to make sure that we are getting it right, we are doing the right thing, and we are making sure we’re doing it in a way that we’re going to help our citizens and our employees and our customers,” Kullick said.

Kuklicker said that the City Link is part, but not the only part, of a much bigger investment in the Portland region.

“This is the first commuter rail project in the United States and it is going to allow us to make Portland an even better place to live and work,” he said.