Busan, South Korea (CNN) — A golf swing training program that provided dog trainers in Busan and other parts of South Korea with training treats and other services for their dogs has been shut down after authorities discovered it was running afoul of local dog ordinances.

The Dog Training Association of Korea (DTAK) announced the closure of its “Train to Busan” program after learning of violations at its facilities, including “dog training violations and violation of the ordinance,” according to a statement posted on its website.DTAE also announced that it would not be renewing the “Train To Busa” program as well.DOT said that a DTAK representative met with the agency’s Animal Protection Unit and “told them that the DTA is looking into the issue.”

The DTA had scheduled to train 200 dogs at the Dtak’s facility on December 11, but the program was temporarily suspended due to a complaint by the South Korean Veterinary Association.

The DTAE said it has since been told that the program will resume on January 8, 2018, but DTA said that it has not yet received any official notice from the DTO.

The DTOK has received no complaints from residents or residents of other nearby facilities.

In a statement, the DTBK said that the “trainers were told to be cautious and observe the dog laws.

DTA has already instructed them to take a look at the law and report any violation.

If the trainer breaks the law, DTA will punish them with fines.

DtAK has also issued a notice to all of the dog trainers to be more vigilant and not to take any shortcuts.”

The agency added that it is investigating whether the DTEK violated local animal control ordinances and animal welfare laws.

In addition, DTBKE said that there are no plans to hold a new program for the duration of the suspension, although it is possible the program could be re-opened in the future.

The dog trainer association said in its statement that it will continue to provide training for dogs in the region and “promote responsible pet ownership.”

It is also encouraging all owners to ensure their dogs are well-trained, as many dog training facilities are not well-maintained.