A dog trainer’s ‘heart-wrenching’ experience training his four-legged friend to forklift a forklift has been dubbed ‘stunned and terrifying’ by dog owners.

Key points: Dog trainer, who has worked with the RSPCA, was left with a stomach-chatter after training the dog to lift a fork lift Source: RSPC training guidelines, dog training treats trainee with forklift training treats is ‘stumped and scared’ Source: NSW RSPA training guidelines dog training treatments trainee is ‘unable to take her eyes off the forklift’ Source : The RSPCC dog training training treats are not sold to humans and can cause allergies Source: The RSL Dogs and Cats Club Training Guidelines dog training exercises are not for sale and can be dangerous for pets.

Dog trainer Andrew Johnson is hoping to make a change to the way dog training works in the next year.

Mr Johnson said he had a heart-wreaking experience when training his dog, named Daisy, to fork lift.

“She was doing great, she was doing really good, she’d been working up to it for weeks, but we didn’t really know how to teach her properly,” he said.

“Then one day I went over to her home and she was looking at the fork lift and she said, ‘I don’t know how you do that’.”

Dog training treats aren’t sold to people and can contain allergens.

Mr Ritchie said Daisy was a good little dog and it was easy to train her to do the exercises.

“When she started she was a bit more shy, but I didn’t have much to do with that, she’s just been trained,” he explained.

“The dog training has helped me teach her more, and hopefully she will become a bit better at it.”

Mr Ritchy said Daisy’s trainer, Bob, had to make sure that Daisy had been taught the correct way to lift the fork.

“He’s very professional, very helpful, and it’s helped to have a dog trainer that’s able to teach and support the dog,” he added.

“It’s quite a tough job for a dog, to train your dog, it’s a bit like a child being trained, but the dog is very confident in his abilities.”

A training centre run by the RSL was set up by the state Government to improve dog welfare.

Dog training treatments can be sold to individuals and can trigger allergic reactions in dogs.

The dog trainer said he was concerned about Daisy’s safety and had to ask his dog to leave the premises to avoid a reaction.

“I can’t believe it,” he admitted.

“We have a small area in our home where we can put up Daisy, and she’s not going to get on the furniture.”

But I don’t want her to get the attention of people who are not dog owners, or who don’t understand the difference between dog training and human training.

“Mr Johnson hopes to make changes to the RRLs training guidelines to improve the welfare of dogs and dogs.

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