German shepherd breeders in the United States are starting a new program that will teach the dogs to use a variety of tools, including a shovel, a chainsaw and a broom.

The dogs will also be able to help train people to better care for their animals.

The program, called Dog Training Day, will begin Saturday and run through July 7.

The dogs will be used in the training of people to become better at helping their pets, such as making sure they are not too hot or too cold, the program’s co-founder and founder of Dog Training School, Andrea Tannenbaum, told ABC News.

Tannensbaum is the director of the Dog Training Training School.

The program will take dogs from four different breeders, including the German shepherd and a poodle.

The puppies will be trained to use tools including a chainsaws, a broom and a shovel.

Tammensbaum says the dogs are trained to be good workers and are able to do tasks in a way that people don’t think they are capable of.

“I think it will be the best thing that we have ever seen in the dog training field,” Tannesbies said.

The puppies will not be allowed to roam free, but they will be taught how to do things such as retrieve their food, go to the bathroom, and to follow directions.

They will also learn about the different ways of working dogs.

Tannenbs says the program is about helping dogs get better at what they are good at, and that is working with humans.

“It’s about giving them a chance to do what they love,” Tammansbaum said.

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