Nintendo has released an update to the Wii Fit trainer app to fix a few bugs.

The update comes as more than 1.5 million users have downloaded the fitness app and as more users are using the app for more complex workouts.

Users can now create and upload workout videos, and new workouts can be uploaded to the app as well.

There are now two new workout types, including a “dynamic” and “sport” workout.

These workouts are intended to help users keep up with their workouts and are also available to users who don’t want to be bothered by the Wii Fitness Trainer app.

Nintendo has also released a “multi-day” workout that includes a workout for four days, a workout three days and a workout on the fourth day.

Nintendo also introduced the “Wii Fit Trainer Club,” a new type of workout.

Players can join clubs to have workouts that include more than one fitness goal, and can customize the club to their own tastes.

The Wii Fit Fit Trainer app also has a new option to upload workout video.

Users also can set an alarm to remind them of upcoming workouts and when they should perform them.

The Nintendo Wii Sports app is also getting a new workout feature that allows users to set a custom workout for each of their devices.

Users will now be able to customize workouts with individual workouts that are tailored to the device, with each of the individual workouts being separated by a fitness goal.

The next version of the Wii Sports trainer app is set for release in the first quarter of 2020.

Nintendo expects the next update to be the biggest update of the app since it introduced the Wii Sport app back in 2014.

The company also announced that it will be releasing an official app for Nintendo’s newest smart home products in 2019, including the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS.