Fitness trainer Michael Tappan is on the verge of being suspended after admitting to being in a “state of mind” during the race to save the lives of one of his clients.

Mr Tappen, who has worked at a gym in Cork for almost a decade, was accused of failing to keep his client safe in a fatal incident at the Millennium Marathon on Saturday.

The man, identified only as C, died in the race, which saw more than 100 runners finish on Sunday morning, when he collapsed.

In a statement to The Irish Mail on Sunday, Mr Tappens training partner Michael Deane said: “As soon as the race was over, C called me to tell me he had died and he had told me he was running to save his friend’s life.”

I immediately got on the phone to tell the police, who took over.

“We were not aware he was in a state of mind when he called me, but we have since learnt that he was.”

There was a very close call with C at the end of the race when he was just a metre or two away from him and he ended up on his back and he was able to hold him for life.

“Mr Deane told the Irish Mail that he did not feel the need to press charges against Mr Tess, who is currently suspended for 10 days without pay.”

He had a very good relationship with C, but I did not believe that he would go to the extent he did,” he said.”

It was a situation that had to happen, it was just too close to call.

“Mr Tess is not the first person to be charged in relation to the Millennium marathon.

In December, a 30-year-old woman, who had worked for Mr Tollan, was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after she allegedly ran over another runner.

The woman, identified as E, was subsequently released on bail.

The Millennium Marathon is one of the most prestigious marathons in the world, which is run annually in the Irish capital.