Trainer: Train Tickets Battle is a new Pokémon Trainer title released in 2015.

It is based on the classic Pokémon Trainer game and features the same trainers, Pokémon and items as Train Tickets.

Players will have to travel through different locations to battle their opponents and use their Trainer Points to defeat their opponents.

This title was released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan and Europe.

In addition to the Battle City series, Pokémon Trainer 2: The Adventure Continues is also a Pokémon Trainer release.

This Pokémon Trainer was announced for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

This game is a re-release of the Pokémon Trainer 3DS game, Pokémon Training Arena, which was released for the Nintendo DS in Japan in 2015 and the Nintendo Switch handheld in 2017.