Some of the most popular dog breeds on social media include pit bull terriers, pit bull mixes, Staffordshire terriers and German shepherd mixes.

They’re all great breeds that are known for their obedience training skills, agility, obedience, obedience training and some agility as well.

The social media trend of dogs being “trained” to perform certain behaviors can be very confusing to some people.

The term “train” in these breeds may be used in a positive or negative way depending on the breed.

It’s important to keep in mind that the word “train,” in itself, does not mean to teach a dog to perform a specific behavior.

The phrase “trained to do something” is a much more accurate term for the behavior.

You can find the definition for “trained for something” in the Oxford English Dictionary.

It’s important for you to know what your dog can do, so that you can properly train your dog to be your best friend.

However, the behavior that you’re training your dog for is not a specific thing that your dog is trained to do.

A trained dog will not be trained to jump a fence or do a specific obedience task.

The behaviors your dog may be trained for vary from one dog to another, but you can always make sure that your pup is being trained to perform what you’re asking for.

Below are some of the top dog breeds you can train your pup to perform.

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