On this week’s episode of the “Ranged Training and Service Dog Training” podcast, hosts Matt Miller and James DeSantis break down the challenges and potential solutions to help keep America safe from the war against drugs.

They also discuss the current and future challenges facing service dogs and how these two areas of life intersect.

They discuss how service dogs can help people who are blind, have cerebral palsy or are visually impaired. 

What are service dogs? 

The Service Dog Association is a nonprofit organization that provides dogs and other service animals to individuals with disabilities.

The group has more than 1.4 million members nationwide. 

The American Association of Service Dogs, a nonprofit association of service dogs, states that service dogs help people with disabilities find a sense of belonging.

They help them find a purpose and maintain a sense that they are valued and loved. 

Who is responsible for training service dogs to be effective and safe? 

There are currently no federal guidelines on the role of the service dog in a service dog’s training.

However, a number of states have passed legislation to ensure that service dog operators are trained properly and are trained in the proper way. 

How are service dog owners treated when they need to leave their dogs at home? 

According to the Service Dog Executive Board, the majority of service dog injuries are preventable.

In 2010, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported that service animal owners who were injured by their dogs had a 30 percent lower likelihood of having a recurrence of the same injury or requiring additional medical treatment. 

In 2010, there were more than 3.2 million service dog accidents in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

Can service dogs be trained to help people get through rough neighborhoods? 

Yes, they can.

The U.K.-based Association of Special Needs Dog Trainers says that the training of service animals helps to improve safety and comfort for people with certain conditions. 

Are there any special rules about service dog use when you are transporting dogs?


There is no set training protocol for service dogs. 

Service dogs can be trained in a variety of ways, but all service dogs should be trained according to their physical needs and physical limitations. 

Do service dogs need to be trained before being adopted? 


All service dogs must be trained prior to being adopted. 

Where can I find training guidelines for service dog adoption? 

You can find training information for the various agencies that serve the needs of service members and their families. 

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For those who have a severe neurological condition that prevents them from walking, the National Service Dogs Association recommends the International Service Dog (ISD) as an alternative for people who do not have an orthopedic disability. 

Is there a “service dog” tag for people in the military? 

Service dog owners are allowed to use their service dogs at the military. 

Does the military have any restrictions on when and where they can use service dogs on active duty? 

Although the military is not required to allow service dogs or use them on active military duty, it is an option for military personnel to use. 

Why can’t the military use service dog tags for the general public? 

Since service dogs are an important part of military readiness, there is no uniform or standard practice to determine when they can be used on active or reserve duty. 

Has anyone seen an accident involving a service animal? 

In general, service dogs have been trained to do work that would not normally be done by a human.

Some of these tasks include detecting odors, determining the presence of blood in a body fluid, locating an injured person and responding to distress calls. 

If an accident occurs, the person who used the service animal is usually the one who suffers some physical or mental harm. 

When do service dogs get to go on military bases? 

On a military base, service animals are permitted to accompany a person on a regular basis, but only if the person is a member of the armed forces. 

Should service dogs not be allowed on military base? 

This question is one that has been debated over the years.

Many service dog advocates argue that the dogs are not trained to work in the areas of combat, but rather that the animals are trained to provide companionship to people who need it most. 

For example, in the U-2 spy plane crash in China in the early 1970s, an American pilot was trained by a service-dog to use a radio to call the Chinese authorities.

This was done to communicate with his Chinese counterparts about what was happening on the ground. 

This is an issue that has not been fully resolved.

The Pentagon’s Office of the Assistant Secretary for Human Resources has been trying to address the issue, and it has received positive responses from some of the military service dog