A new train set is causing a lot of buzz around town.

But as of Friday, the train set for the new Amtrak Steam Train, which will run between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, had not been shown to customers or owners of the Amtrak train.

The Amtrak train is scheduled to run through Portland and Seattle on Sept. 30.

The train is part of the “Brio Train,” which was developed to serve riders in the Portland area.

The train is a $50 million ($55 million) Amtrak project.

Amtrak officials say the train will be powered by solar power and will be operated by a crew of 15 people.

The railroad is using a small fleet of private vehicles to run the train.

Amtrak trains have been a source of controversy since the company announced it would retire the fleet of older, diesel-powered trains in April 2019.

The trains are the latest in a line of expensive upgrades to Amtrak.

In October, Amtrak said it would purchase new diesel-electric trains to service the Amtrak Northeast Corridor, which connects Boston and New York City.

The trains are being built by GE, a manufacturer of diesel engines.