Walmart has just launched its newest fashion line, the Waists Trainer, a collection of yoga pants, shorts and a t-shirt that are designed to encourage women to work out while also inspiring them to get in shape.

The new line is an effort by the retailer to get women to focus on body image, wellness and empowerment and also to encourage them to keep their bodies healthy.

“I believe in the power of being physically active and healthy, especially for women,” the new line’s tagline says.

“We are trying to build a movement to empower women and girls to feel empowered and healthy while they work out and stay active.”

The new collection features a collection called “Waist Training” that aims to encourage people to work up to the waist.

The collection includes a variety of yoga clothes that feature straps, pockets, pant legs and even knee-length skirts.

The Waist Training collection is a throwback to the 1970s, when the brand first started to sell yoga pants with straps.

At the time, yoga pants were considered to be a novelty and a fad, and yoga pants weren’t often available for women to wear.

According to the brand, the “Waists Trainer” collection is designed to “explore a concept that has become important in our industry, and we’re bringing it to our retail customers.”

Walmart is the first major retailer to release a line of yoga gear specifically designed for women.

The brand, which also markets the Yoga Pants line, says that it will also offer a range of other yoga products.

It launched the Yoga Pant line in February 2018.

The line includes two styles: the “Belly-Belly Yoga Pants” which are designed for yoga pants that are tight, comfortable and low in the waist and “The Big Waist-Bikini Yoga Pants,” which are slim and have a long and wide leg.

The Yoga Pants range is designed for men and women of all shapes and sizes.

The “Waits Trainer” line is the newest product in Walmart’s line of fitness clothing.

Walmart CEO Mike Duke has been a vocal proponent of promoting the wellness of women for years.

He also previously served as CEO of Fitness Retailers, an industry group that supports female retailers.

Walmart launched the Fitness Retailer brand in 2017 and now has about 30 brands in the group, including Walmart.

The Fitness Retail business group, which includes several other retailers including Macy’s, is the largest of its kind in the U.S. According the Walmart website, the Fitness Group offers a wide range of products including yoga pants and other apparel, shoes, and a variety-of-sizes fitness bands and exercise mats.

The company also offers fitness centers, fitness clinics, fitness equipment, and more.

“The Waist Trainers” collection of clothing and accessories, including the Waits Trainer, is a great way for Walmart to bring the wellness message to the masses.

“It is a fantastic collection, which represents Walmart’s commitment to creating the world’s first and only yoga clothing line for women, and to helping women become more empowered, healthy and empowered,” said Julie Gavil, executive vice president of product marketing at Walmart, in a statement.

“Our mission is to empower people to be healthy, active and happy, and Walmart is excited to be the first and largest provider of yoga apparel to women.”

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