By Brian Hoyer/BloombergBusinessweek,Aug. 21, 2018 12:42:28 Amazon has launched its own cloud-based training platform called AWS Training, which can be used to train computers, robots and other systems.

The platform, which debuted in August, has been designed to be used in conjunction with AWS CloudFormation, an AWS-licensed software development kit that includes tools for building cloud-native applications and cloud computing services.

“Our vision is to make AWS Training an open-source and collaborative platform,” said Jeff Greenblatt, vice president of product strategy at Amazon, in a blog post.

“It will allow anyone to create their own training applications using the AWS cloud and integrate AWS Training into their existing software stack.”

Amazon has been working on this for some time.

Amazon is a cloud provider that has partnered with Google, Microsoft, IBM, and others on cloud-focused products.

Amazon also has partnerships with major companies including Facebook, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

The company’s first training platform, called TrainingNet, was launched in 2018.

TrainingNet has been a critical component of Amazon’s training efforts, but it was not a major focus for AWS as the company was focused on the larger CloudFormational product.

AWS has said that the AWS Training platform will help it accelerate the pace of innovation in cloud-learning technologies.

AWS Training has a number of features, including a support community that lets users share and contribute code, documentation, and training resources.

There are also tools that allow developers to deploy their own apps.

AWS is also adding support for other programming languages.

Amazon’s TrainingNet software has also been used by many other companies to create training solutions.

AWS also recently announced that it was acquiring Jetpac, which provides training software.

This is part of the broader move to bring more automation into the cloud by integrating automation services.

Amazon, which started selling AWS training products in 2019, also announced it was adding support to support more services that are already in place for AWS.

For example, AWS training platforms are now available for AWS users, and AWS Training also has a web service that helps train AWS customers.

Amazon has also said it will offer AWS training as a subscription service in the near future.

“We’re building an amazing ecosystem, and we’ve got a lot of customers that really value that kind of flexibility,” Greenblatts said.

“In the future, we’re going to be more of a platform and more of an ecosystem.”