Personal trainer Robert Berghain told Breitbart News that Donald Trump was “a shameful bully” during his time as a train car driver for the famed German track in the 1980s.

Berghain said that the former president was not only the “boss of the track” but also an “excellent instructor” who “had a very good relationship with the riders.”

“I think it was because of the fact that he had an excellent relationship with everybody,” Berghains father, Hans Berghaine, said of Trump.

“He had a good relationship.

He wanted to do the right thing.

He cared about everybody, he wanted to be the best.

He was very good.

He would go to great lengths to make sure everybody was happy.

He did not tolerate people who were not good.

I think he was just a very happy guy.”

Berghains son, Robert, said the track was “always a wonderful place.”

Robert Berghained, who runs the train car at the famous track in Munich, said that during the 1980’s, “Trump was always on the train,” adding that he “never saw him” during those years.

Berhain added that when Trump took over as the president, he “had to be very strict” about what would be allowed to be done on the track, as he would have “no time for anyone who would hurt anyone.”

“He would go out and say, ‘We’re going to be tough,'” Berghines son said.

“But if he saw somebody in trouble, he would say, I don’t care.

If he was going to hurt somebody, he was very careful about it.”

Robert said that Trump was an “admirable and nice guy.”

“His job was to be a train driver and train all the people, so he did everything right,” he said.

Berghanistan was an area of Germany, but the family was never in Germany at the time of the assassination attempt, which happened in the Bavarian town of Wuerzburg.

“My father had the privilege to travel with [President Donald] Trump,” Robert Berghan told Breitbart.

“And if I remember correctly, the President was there, and he was watching him, and then they had to say goodbye.

So it was not a real big deal.”

Berghan, who has served as a political adviser to President Donald Trump, said he was never allowed to see Trump in person in Munich.

Bergan told Breitbart that Trump’s first trip to Munich was to celebrate the completion of a track project that would help train German troops.

“The train had been working for 20 years, and there was nothing we could do about it.

But the President, who was in Munich for the celebrations, came to see us, and was very impressed,” Berghan said.

“He wanted to see it all, and I was happy to see him.

He said, ‘You know, I’m going to bring my kids up here to see this.’

He wanted us to come and see it.

So we did.

We were very excited.

We had a very nice trip.””

We had a lot of fun,” Bergan added.

“We went to see the track and the buildings.

And then we were invited to the White House.”