The Cartoon Network has officially launched a new cartoon, titled Train, featuring the Cartoon Network’s latest series, The Big Bang Theory.

The new cartoon is the latest to feature characters from the series, which debuted on the Cartoon Channel in 2018.

The show follows the story of three boys who discover a new universe after they find a giant robot named Train in the universe.

The cartoon is set to premiere on Cartoon Network on October 27, 2020, with a full first season to follow on November 10, 2020.

The CartoonNetwork is also partnering with the International Association of Cartoonists (IAC) to help create new cartoons and will provide funds for the production of new cartoons. 

 In a statement to CNET, the CartoonNetwork said the new cartoon will feature a number of familiar faces, such as Jeff Garlin, Eric Stonestreet, and Justin Roiland, as well as returning characters, including Mr. Krabs and Jeff Goldblum.

The company said it plans to continue to expand the series with new animated content as it matures. 

“We look forward to continuing to develop the characters and storylines in The Big, Big Bang, which is our most popular series.

We’re also excited to introduce a new series featuring new characters, characters from past seasons, and the most popular train in the show,” the statement reads. 

The new cartoon marks the first new show in a decade to air on the network, which has had a handful of original cartoons in recent years, including a five-episode animated series for Cartoon Network Kids, which premiered in 2018, and two new animated series on the Disney Channel.

The networks recent move to expand its programming has been criticized by some, who claim the network has been too eager to get its latest hits into new territories.

The network has said it is looking to expand beyond its core network of kids channels to other markets, and some say it’s been too slow in launching new content.