Amtrak trains will pick up people who are stuck in traffic and passengers who can’t get to their destination in time for the start of a marathon, the company said.

On Thursday, Amtrak will begin delivering the trains, and will stop running at train stations to pick them up at stations in other parts of the country.

The train service, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year, is one of the first steps in a major shift in how trains are run, with the company moving to using automation and other technology to reduce the need for human intervention.

The move comes after a series of events including the Amtrak derailment of a train in New York in March, which killed eight people, including a police officer.

The company said it was also testing a fleet of autonomous cars that can drive themselves to and from its trains and stop at stations where there are not enough train cars to accommodate them.

In addition to stopping at train-stop stations, Amtrak said it would be adding other routes to its fleet of rolling stock, and would soon begin adding commuter rail service to cities and other areas in the country where trains are not normally run.