Lenny is the youngest of seven boys born to a pair of Australian soldiers in the late 1950s.

His parents, who had to move from their home in the Brisbane suburb of Cairns to live with their widowed mother in Melbourne, had to return to their home country every three years.

Lenny, who has been attending local schools in his native Melbourne for the past decade, was among hundreds of children attending local day schools in the area.

“It was an absolute blessing,” Lenny told ABC Radio Melbourne’s The Footy Show.

“When you come from Australia, you have a lot of time off to look after your family and your family has to look out for you and your mum, and that’s something that you want to do.”

It’s something I’m really proud of, and I’m just really happy to be here.

“I was born with a lot going for me, and you can see that in me, but I’ve been fortunate to have that opportunity to be in a school where you can do that.”

Lenna, Lenny and Lenny’s brother, Matt, attend a local day school.

Lenny, left, and Lenna are the youngest boys at an Australian military school, and they are also keen to be trained to become a forklift operator.

(Supplied: Lenny) Lenna and Matt, who attended the local Day School, were keen to learn about the forklift and forklift operators that were being trained in Australia, but they weren’t keen to go on a journey in the dark.

“When I first got to Australia, I was very scared and didn’t know what was going to happen to me,” Matt said.

He said he felt “lost” in his first year in Australia.

“There was a lot I didn’t understand about Australia, and a lot that I was really scared of,” Matt recalled.

“[There was] so much to learn, and it was just really, really hard to learn.”

The first year I went back to Australia was probably the hardest.

I got to learn everything there is to learn in Australia.

“Matt, Lenna and Lennas younger brother Matt attend a day school in Brisbane.

(ABC News) “I’m really thankful to be living in Australia and living in a safe place and it’s something like that where I’m able to do what I love, go to school, do all these things,” Matt added.

Matt said Lenny helped him through the first year and his first week in the country.”

“He taught me everything that I know,” Lenna said. “

Lenny’s like the first one to go, so we had to teach him how to lift a fork, and then Lenny was the first to start the forklives, so Lenny came and helped me lift.”

“He taught me everything that I know,” Lenna said.

(CBC) Matt’s parents had a second child, Lizzy, who died in 1996.

Lenna, who was born in Australia in 1994, was left with the support of her father, who also served in the military.

The pair were married in 2000 and live in Victoria with Lenna.

“She was very, very special,” Matt Melville said.

“They had so many memories together, and we had a lot to learn together.”

A family photo of Lenny with his mother and older brother.

(supplied: Matt MelVILLE) But the Melville family has had to make other changes in their lives to get Lenny to the fork lifts in Brisbane, where he has been working for more than four years.

Matt and Lizzy have also had to learn to cope with the fact that Lenny has a disability and that they cannot drive.

“Lenny is not very good at driving and has a lot more difficulty than he did before he got his disability,” Matt explained.

There is a limit to how much they can lift, so he and Lizza have taken to riding bikes to get around.

“If you go out to a bike shop and they have a bike, they’ll give you a ride and you take the bike back,” Lizzy explained.

“We do it in Melbourne for three weeks and we go to a nearby park and it takes about 15 minutes.”

The family is now training with a fork lift operator in Melbourne.

‘It’s so much more than a job’ Liza, a fork lifter who was one of the volunteers in training, said the job was not what it was before.

She said she had been in the industry for just under three years when Lenny joined.

“Once he got into it, he really made me feel like I was the one to be