“I am a family man,” the young woman said.

“I want to stay married, have kids.

I want to live a life.””

We are not doing this for you,” she said.

The young woman is one of the few female trainers working in the Israeli military’s four-element training regimen, which emphasizes exercise, nutrition and physical fitness.

“They’re not even training for fitness,” the trainer said.

The female trainer said the IDF has to improve its health care system to meet the demands of the population, particularly women, and that the IDF needs to take steps to address issues such as gender-based violence, including the issue of women in combat.

The training program is one aspect of a broader effort by the IDF to improve health care, education and security in the country.

The IDF has also begun a nationwide recruitment drive to help attract women into the ranks.

While women are not required to serve in combat, the training is considered critical to ensuring that the population has access to medical care and safe housing.

The women who work in the training program are required to attend regular medical screenings, follow a prescribed regimen of exercises and nutrition, and have access to a variety of health services, including health clinics and a health clinic for women.

“We don’t need the IDF, we need you,” the woman said, adding that the training also benefits the soldiers’ personal lives.

The IDF has acknowledged the health and wellness of female soldiers is an issue, but stressed that the military is a gender-equal organization and has a female-only training program.

The military has begun to recruit women as recruits for combat roles, and women are being given more advanced training in basic military skills, including handling weapons and explosives.

The training program, called the Advanced Course for Women in Combat, has also opened up the possibility for women to serve as field commanders in future conflicts.

The military also has begun training women in the use of personal care products such as hand sanitizers and body wash, which can reduce the risk of infections.

“Women are going to be able to use this to take their hygiene, hygiene products and personal care and make them into a great personal care product,” the female trainer told Al Jazeera.

But, the military’s female recruits say that they are not being trained in personal hygiene.

“I can’t imagine that I would have that type of responsibility.

How would I feel if I went to my husband, my partner or my parents, they didn’t take care?” said Nadeem, an Israeli-born mother of two who was recruited into the training.”

The IDF’s social responsibility is that women should be able wear the uniform and do their job, and I don’t believe that this is being done,” Nadem added.

“This is not the IDF I know.

This is a military that treats women like slaves.”

A spokesperson for the IDF said the training in the four-day program was an effort to improve the health of soldiers.

“A four-week course was introduced to address the needs of female recruits, and this is the first of its kind in the IDF,” the spokesperson said.