Personal trainers are no longer required to take a personal trainer course and can use a third party trainer to help them earn badges, a new policy announced on Thursday.

The new policy, which is set to be rolled out across Australia and New Zealand, says the “personal trainer certification” from a trainer can only be granted by a private company.

“Personal trainers must meet all the criteria and requirements set out by the Australian Government to obtain the certification,” the government said in a statement.

“This means that private trainers are able to apply to the Government for certification.”

If a person who has obtained a personal training certificate through a private entity is approved to become a personal Trainer, the person will be able to claim that certificate in the Personal Trainer Certification Scheme, which will be administered by a Government approved agency.

“While a personal trainers certificate is not a formal Australian qualification, the new policy allows it to be used as proof of identity, as long as it is not issued by a non-Australian entity.”

The Government does not consider personal trainers to be registered professionals, and does not provide access to training through a registered entity,” the policy reads.”

A personal trainer can use their personal trainer certificate as evidence of identity for the purposes of obtaining a personal coaching licence, but a personal coach certificate cannot be used in connection with a coaching or fitness class.

“The new personal trainer program will allow Australians to obtain a personal certification for up to five years.

The policy also states that the new program will require that applicants to the Personal Training Certificate Scheme, as well as the individual who has applied for the certificate, provide their full name and contact details.

This is expected to lead to an increase in applications, with the government predicting that more than 100,000 people will apply.”

All applicants will be required to provide their contact details,” the statement said.”

These details will be retained for at least two years for a review and will be used to validate the personal training qualifications that the applicant holds.

“The Government said personal trainers could also apply for the Personal Fitness Certificate Scheme if they did not already have one, but that it would not be issued.

It is not known when the new personal training program will be rolled back, but it is expected that it will come into effect on January 1.

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