Train wrecks and accidents happen all the time, but they’re usually caused by cannabis.

And the train wreck that is train wrecks can happen anywhere, from California to the United States, but this time in New York. 

This train wreck is happening in NYC, and it’s not even in the United Kingdom.

It was reported by the NY Post that train operators were caught in the middle of an unruly, train-wreck-like train wreck after a passenger got on and left without warning.

It happened at an Amtrak train between Manhattan and Brooklyn and has now been reported by several media outlets.

The train was just getting to a station when passengers got on, then stopped and passengers got off and got off the train without warning and were not asked to leave, according to a passenger who spoke to the Post.

A second passenger on the train told the paper the train was in a “train wreck state,” and they were just waiting for the train to clear so they could catch the next train to take them to their destination.

The train driver told the Post the train’s lights were off, but it appeared the train had been going for a while.

It wasn’t clear if the train crash was related to an illegal drug like cannabis or was just a train wreck.

The report says that the train driver has been placed on administrative leave, but he’s reportedly not on paid administrative leave.