Potty training Dogs are not required for Potters training dogs, a trainer at a pet store said in a video released by the National Potty Trainer Association.

The video was filmed by PetSmart owner Kristina Wylie.

Wylies mother is a registered nurse, and she said the only thing that required training is to get a dog to poop in the pot.

She said she has had to train two Potty trainer dogs since taking her kids to PetSmart last year.

“I had one dog that was a certified potty trainer and the other dog was a non-potty trained,” Wylis mom said in the video.

“I’ve had to do a lot of work with the dogs, so we’ve been able to train both dogs to poop properly.”

Wylies daughter has two Potters, a male and female, and says the training is a huge help for both.

“When she goes out, I can actually see that she’s not able to sit down,” she said.

“There’s been no problem with her sitting down, so I think that helps me and my kids out a lot,” she added.

“When I go out with the kids, I don’t have to go through all the steps of putting a potty in and getting them to poop, so it’s very convenient,” Wys said.

“So I love it, and it’s a lot more fun than sitting in my house.”

The National Potting Board has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment on the video’s content.