What is makeup training, and why are people taking it seriously?

The short answer is that makeup training has become a booming business, with an estimated $2 billion in revenue in the US last year, according to makeup trainer and author Michelle Smith.

The second answer is because people are looking for more creative ways to look like themselves, Smith said.

The third answer is simple: It’s not a bad thing.

When Smith and her husband, actor John Malkovich, began working as makeup artists in 2003, they were looking for an alternative to the standard makeup routine that usually involves a quick makeup application.

Instead, they wanted to teach the technique to people with more of a natural style.

The first lesson they taught was to wear blackface, a blackface style in which a black person looks like a white person.

The second was to dress like an Asian person.

The final lesson was to try to emulate the way a white guy looks.

The idea was to take makeup and put it on someone else.

And the lessons are very effective.

The Smiths’ website shows the results of their classes.

“We have taught over 40,000 students in over 120 countries and the results have been phenomenal,” Smith said, adding that the results range from people who think they look more like their real selves to people who say they look less like their actual selves.

“People are so excited to learn makeup.

I’m so excited that I’m getting to teach it,” Smith added.

The Smiths have since expanded their makeup training to include a wide variety of other subjects, including sports, fashion and even fashion design.

“If we don’t take it seriously enough, it will take off like wildfire,” Smith warned.

“I’ve been teaching makeup for a long time, and I think there’s just a lot of money in it.”