The dog world has always been about being a bit of a bully.

Now it’s about being able to communicate with people through their body language.

This new video by the dog training firm Doula shows the power of body language and what a good dog can teach you about how to communicate.

This isn’t just a new technique for training a dog, but it’s also about helping us communicate with our pets more effectively.

The video starts off with a montage of dog owners talking about the things they do and don’t like about their dogs.

The dogs are shown running, climbing stairs, and even doing some dog-like things like chasing a squirrel off of their owner’s couch.

But Doulas video ends with an interesting observation.

In a video like this, it’s very hard to know whether you have a friendly dog or a fearful dog.

The goal is to create a bond between the dogs.

In the video, Doulais main training goal is for the dog to follow instructions to the letter.

The video shows that the goal is simple: If a dog’s head is in a neutral position, and if it’s moving in a straight line, then it’s neutral.

The dog then has to respond to commands in the same way that a human does.

If the dog moves in a different direction than the instructions, the dog is a threat.

It’s like if you ask your cat to put down the ball and he doesn’t want to do it.

You don’t need to be aggressive with the cat, just give the instructions and you’ll get the cat to follow them.

So, the main goal here is to get the dog moving in the exact same way a human would move.

Doulahs videos are aimed at people who want to make the most out of their dog’s life, and they are aimed toward people who have dogs of all kinds.

This is the kind of video you’ll want to watch if you want to train your dog, too.

In this video, we see a dog named Roxy.

She’s a German shepherd, which is the perfect dog for training.

This dog is great at sitting still and listening.

She likes to be fed and is a good listener, which makes her a great candidate for a training video.

This video is a great way to get a good idea of how a dog responds to commands and if your dog is acting aggressive.

When Roxy is sitting still, the video shows her using her front paws and her tail to control the dog.

Roxy has two sides to her face.

One side has a bit more distance than the other.

If you look closely, you can see Roxy’s cheek is slightly raised as she moves her body.

She is also using her tongue as a control.

You can see the little bumps on her chin and the lines that line her cheeks.

When the dog’s nose is moving, it shows Roxy making a face as she puts down her food.

The first step to teaching a dog to sit still is to make sure the dog can make eye contact.

If it’s possible, Roxy should use her nose and mouth to tell Roxy that her food is coming.

This gives Roxy the confidence to give the commands that she does.

When the dog shows that it understands the commands, the next step is to turn Roxy around and look at the camera.

The more you turn Rox around and see her looking back at you, the more confident she is.

When she’s looking at the cameras, the dogs face is still.

When she turns around, the nose is in the correct position.

If she can sit still for 10 seconds, then she’s a good candidate for training and is ready for the next phase.

Now that you know what to expect when training your dog to make eye-contact with you, it’ll be a lot easier to do.

In this video you can hear Roxy talk to her owners, show her a picture of her puppy and then sit still.

This was her first time training a puppy.

The next step for training is to give her a treat.

If Roxy gets a treat, then her owners will reward her with a treat as she continues to sit there.

This doesn’t mean that Roxy will always give her treats, but that she will be more willing to give them.

This video shows Rox and her owners sitting still.

You’re looking at Roxy again.

The nose is still in the proper position.

Now, when the dog makes eye contact with the camera, it indicates that the owner is paying attention to the dog as it looks at her.

This indicates that Rox understands the instructions.

Now Roxy wants to give a treat to the owners as she sits there.

It seems that Rolans owners are very confident with her, and she’s not getting frustrated.

If this is a common trait for your dog and it helps your dog understand the commands better,