When your pup is a little over a year old, he may start to exhibit signs of peeing on his floor.

While it’s not a common behavior, the pup may start urinating on the floor, even while playing with toys or in his cage.

So, what can you do to make sure your pup doesn’t accidentally pee on his couch?

There are a few tips to follow when training your pup.

You can teach your pup that he can pee in the crate, and you can even take a potty break from the couch if your pup has been a little peeved recently.

But, don’t try to force your pup into the crate.

Peeing on the couch is not an acceptable behavior, and it’s very important to have your pup be a safe and happy pet while you’re in the house.

Here are some tips for training your puppy to pee in your crate:When your pup begins to pee, sit with him on the edge of your couch, and take a big, slow, steady look up at him.

If you see his nose, it’s time to train him to pee by standing with him, looking directly at him, and making a soft sound with your nose.

Do not try to grab him by the head.

If he has a hard time holding his head up, keep going and make the sound again.

Then, take your dog off the couch, so that he’s on his knees, facing the other side of the couch.

Pause and try again.

If the pup still doesn’t pee, give him another pat.

This time, keep your nose pressed to his nose for about 30 seconds.

If his nose doesn’t get a bead, it may mean that you need to work on that.

You want your pup peeing as soon as possible.

After 30 seconds, move your nose and try another look at him from the opposite side.

If your pup still won’t pee on the other couch, give it another pat and give it again.

When he finally pee, wait 30 seconds for him to get a response, then give it to him.

When your dog starts to pee while you are at work or at home, it is time to let him know that you’re not going to tolerate his urination.

Make sure to sit with your pup on the sofa and give him a soft pat, then sit back and wait for him.

Repeat the process of 30 seconds and you’ll see your pup get the message.

If it’s still not happening, go back to work or home.

Peeing outside of the crate can be very frustrating for a dog who has been peeing in the cage for a while.

Your dog may even start to get irritated when the couch gets dirty.

Keep a close eye on him.

You should see him peeing and then stop and pat him on his head and nose.

If that doesn’t happen, take a second to give him the “Poo” treat, which contains a lot of urine.

If your pup hasn’t been peeging in a while, you may be tempted to force him into the cage.

This can be frustrating, and your pup may also become a little upset when you try to pull him out of the cage and into the room.

But be careful and treat your pup gently.

If he hasn’t made a fuss, you should keep him out.

However, if he does make a fuss or starts to urinate on the carpet, the time is now to let your pup know that he has the right to urate in your room.

Pooping can be stressful for a puppy when he’s young, but you can also train your dog to ure on the rug outside the crate or outside of your bedroom, too.

When a puppy is about a year and a half old, it can be important to keep him busy and entertained by letting him use the litter box or play in your living room.

If a dog has been potty trained, this will be a new experience for him, but once he learns to use the crate as a playpen, he’ll learn to use it for fun and to explore.

Here are some other tips to keep your pup occupied while you and your family are away:If your dog is about 3 months old, your pup should also start to pee outside of his crate.

But you can train him in a few different ways to keep his bladder from becoming too full and he’s happy.

First, you can take your pup outside and hold him on your lap for a few minutes while you play.

Your pup will be ready to go when he comes out of his shell.

You might also put your dog in a box or a crate, which is a safer option than putting him in the kitchen or living room where he can urinate all day long.

Another way to keep a puppy’s bladder full is to take him out into the yard and play outside with other dogs.

Your puppy will enjoy getting up in the