Petco has released a training guide for its trainers that offers advice on dog training, but the company’s founder says its focus on a few specific tips is not as easy as he thought.

Recode reports that Petco is planning to launch its petco-training program in the coming weeks.

But the company says it is not yet ready to launch the program, which is expected to cost between $200 to $300.

Petco has been struggling to find a good-enough training system for its dogs.

The company says its trainers have taught more than 1.4 million dogs and cats since the start of 2016, but there are still plenty of questions about how to make sure they’re learning the right thing.

For starters, most trainers still use videos, and they’re often a bit difficult to navigate.

And while some people recommend using the company Petco Learning app, it’s only available for iOS devices.

The app’s developer, David Ducharme, told Recode it’s a “great app” but that the company “is still working to make it better.”

In addition, Petco says that the app has issues when it comes to video recording and its “hardware limitations.”

But Duchalme is quick to say that the program is better than the alternatives.

“We are not selling this program as a toy, we are selling this as a solution for the problems we see,” he said.

The company’s pet training system is still in beta, and while Ducharymes team is working on a better version of the app, the new guide will be a good starting point.