Personal trainer certification has been gaining popularity, and it looks like it’s getting a new look.

As reported by, the new badge will be available to players and coaches this season.

“The badge will offer a better way to recognize and reward athletes for hard work and dedication to fitness, as well as provide a personalized personalized badge that will make it easier to remember the names and addresses of your personal trainers,” the league said in a statement.

“The badge also offers additional benefits that will help athletes, coaches and trainers better communicate with each other.”

The new personal trainers badge is similar to the existing personal trainer logo, and will be a “big improvement” over the existing logo, according to CBSSports’ Mike Reiss.

Personal trainers can earn a $25,000 prize each season, and players can earn $1,000 per game for all-star teams.

The new badge also allows players to wear the new logo while playing in front of a crowd of thousands, which is something new for a league that is known for its popularity in the home and away games.

Personal trainer certification will be offered to all NFL teams this season, with players getting a $50,000 award and coaches getting $25.

The new badge features a black and white background with the words “Personal Trainer Certification” and “PTC” on it.

The team name and number will be printed on the badge.