By JOHN CARTER, Associated PressBALTIMORE (AP) A Baltimore-area dog trainer says the best way to keep your poo-loving dog healthy is to keep him or her away from litter boxes.

Tyson Linnan, who works as an animal trainer at the Baltimore Humane Society, says it’s time to get your dog away from the boxes.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the shelter has about 1,200 dogs and has seen a drastic increase in dog poo cases since Linnin’s program started about a year ago.

More than 90% of dog owners who come to the shelter report that their dog has poo, he said.

Linnins program also includes the adoption of special litter boxes to help dogs keep their poo away from their owners.

The Baltimore Humane is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Its board of directors, made up of volunteers and veterinarians, meets weekly to determine which dogs qualify for adoption.

In its latest fiscal year, the shelter raised about $1.3 million.

Linnin said the biggest obstacle to getting rid of the boxes is the amount of poop left in the boxes, especially on top of the ones litter boxes provide.

Lenny B. Robinson, a veterinarian at the shelter, said the problem comes from the fact that most people don’t realize how much poop goes in the litter boxes when they buy them.

Lennins program provides a solution.

He said the boxes are filled with fresh food and nutrients and contain small plastic bags that are used to collect urine and faeces from the dogs.

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