I was a forklifter.

I loved to lift and loved lifting heavy things.

I would do forklift training every month and lift as hard as I could. 

My family and I would go to the park, get in a lift and just do it.

We loved to train, and I always knew I could do more.

I worked my ass off to be the best forklifted person I could be and I was proud of it.

But there was one thing that got me in trouble. 

One day my forklift driver was driving along and I spotted a big rock.

It was big enough for me to lift it, but it was too heavy for me.

I tried to pull it, and the rock was like, ‘What the hell is that?’

It’s a boulder and I’ve never lifted anything heavier than that.

I went to the police and they came out and got me and my licence and I didn’t even have to go to court because I had my licence. 

But I’ve learnt something that was important to me, which is that you never stop wanting to be a better person.

You never stop thinking you could be more than you are.

If you look back and think about all the bad things I’ve done, it’s because I’ve wanted to be better.

You know, I’m so lucky to have a life that’s rewarding and that’s full of love.

It’s really hard to keep going and doing the things I love doing, but I do. 

I still lift every day and I still train.

It helps me keep a positive outlook and keep going.

But if you go back to the days when I started lifting, I was like this is what I was really looking forward to.

I was so excited to be lifting and it was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

So when I saw that I wasn’t doing the thing I was looking for, it was devastating. 

When I had a fork lift accident in 2011, I still remember waking up in the hospital with a huge hole in my stomach and a huge, huge bruise all over my abdomen. 

There were bruises on my back and I had bruises all over the place.

I had two scars on my arm that I couldn’t even wrap my arms around.

I felt like I had lost a limb, and then I started having second thoughts. 

What I realised was that I had an illness.

I couldn.

I started looking for the right doctor, and eventually I found my friend Paul who had the same problem and I said, ‘Paul, this is your problem.’

He said, ‘I don’t think I can lift this big rock, it won’t move.’

So I thought I’d give it a try.

I just got my licence, got a lift, and lifted it. 

It’s funny, I remember going to the hospital and thinking I’m a bad driver.

I thought, ‘If I have a fork lorry in the back, this won’t happen.’ 

I was so worried that I didn’st lift it at all.

But when I got the lift, it just rolled into my bed and was so big and so heavy that I just couldn’t lift it.

I remember thinking, ‘This is it, I’ve had my day’.

I was going to get better, but then I thought about what happened the day before. 

The next day, I got a phone call from my doctor.

She said, I think you need surgery to close up this hole, and that would cost me £200,000.

So I had to take it out of the country, take it back to Australia, and pay for it.

It wasn’t a fun time. 

Then it was like a rollercoaster.

I got home and I’m thinking, I can’t lift that rock.

I don’t even know what to do, I don’ t know what else to do.

I’m still thinking about it.

When I went home, I had the biggest panic attack I’ve ever had in my life.

I lost all of my energy and I lost my mind.

I think it was a combination of the accident and the surgery that ended up saving my life that night. 

For me, the most important thing was I’m going to do what I love, lift that boulder, and lift that huge rock. 

To lift something heavy, I would lift it up and get my fingers around the side.

My fingers were so sore that I can still do it, even though my wrists hurt a lot.

I have two small black scars on the back of my hand, because I have to do so much to get my hands to lift. 

So I would always look at the back and my arm and my hand.

I’d look at my wrist and my wrist was just sore, and it would just hurt. 

And I’d always say, ‘