Training clubs, like Nike Training Academy, have long been a hot topic of conversation for the sportswear company.

It’s not just a thing Nike is working on, either.

Nike has launched its own dedicated training club called Training Academy.

And according to The Associated Press, Nike has been looking to make training more accessible to the masses since last year.

Now, Nike is looking to take that work to the next level.

In an attempt to make more people aware of the benefits of Nike Training, Nike wants to take it to the Nike Training School.

This new initiative, which will launch this spring, will be a joint effort between Nike and the Nike Foundation.

Nike Training will be using the Nike Trainer Academy platform, and it will include training programs designed specifically for athletes, according to the Associated Press.

Nike is planning to open the Nike Academy to the public on April 1, 2018.

The Nike Training school, as it’s called, will have six separate categories for students to select from.

The categories are “Basic,” “Advanced,” “Strength,” “Power,” “Speed,” and “Performance,” according to Nike.

The goal of the training program will be to teach the students the basics of the sport of basketball.

The basic training will be for players of all ages, as well as children who are in need of some help.

Nike will be offering various classes at the Nike academy including:Basic Basketball: The basics of basketball including fundamentals, dribbling, and passing.

Advanced Basketball: Advanced basketball techniques, shooting fundamentals, and positioning.

Strength Basketball: An advanced basketball approach to strength, balance, and explosiveness.

Power Basketball: Power-defending techniques and drills.

Speed Basketball: A high-intensity, high-impact basketball approach that can help players stay on their feet and create turnovers.

Performance Basketball: In-depth drills and drills that will help players build their fundamentals and skills for the game of basketball in the pros.

There are currently more than 4,500 athletes participating in Nike Training.

The first classes for the training school will open on April 4, and the first classes of the Nike Athletic Training Academy are scheduled to open in late summer.

If you want to join the Nike training club as a student, you can register online, and there will be an introductory class at Nike Training in August.

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