Amtrak train status is updated weekly, and you can view Amtrak train information and status on the Amtrak train tracker at

Amtrak train alerts will include train status updates and train status information for your Amtrak train.

You can also find train status by train class and track class.

If you are looking for Amtrak train availability information, click here.

Amtrak Train Schedules Amtrak trains are scheduled on a weekly basis, and there are no Amtrak train schedule changes.

Amtrak trains may arrive in different locations than other Amtrak services, depending on the schedule.

Amtrak services may operate at their peak periods, with the exception of a few days during the summer and fall seasons when Amtrak services operate in a partial shutdown.

Amtrak operates trains at a maximum of 30 percent capacity during the day, but the train is allowed to operate with less capacity during normal operating hours.

During the summer months, Amtrak services are operated at a 40 percent capacity.

Amtrak service schedules are updated by Amtrak on a regular basis, so if you see a schedule change, please be sure to check back for the latest information.

Amtrak schedules are also available on the train tracker, and Amtrak trains can be tracked on Amtrak.


Amtrak trains are registered and registered by the Department of Transportation.

Amtrak provides all train information through

Amtrak tracks and schedules are published on the trains tracking page of

Amtrak stations are named after the stations of the United States, and they are designated with the Amtrak Train Locator.

For more information about Amtrak, visit Amtrak.